Rank User Channel Subscribers
1st jakemapping1239 Jake Mapping 738
2nd Mich56 wikia Ohioan Mapping and Gaming 480
3rd Miguelhdzb22 Miguel Hernández 452
4th CanadianMapper9999 Canadian Mapper 358
5th Zenoman Knows 235
6th Kebab Master Lel Mexican Mapping 209
7th Devin HD Mapping Devin HD Mapping 149
8th Thunder Mapping The Thundar Mapper 123
9th Ceplio ceplio 85
10th Zenoman Knows Zenoman Mapping 39
11th Zenoman Knows Zenoman 2.0 Facts and friends! 21
12th ChizzleDonkey ChizzleDonkey Mapping 19
13th ChizzleDonkey ChizzleDonkey 17
14th Zenoman Knows Zenoman Knows&Stormcloak History Team 7

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